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Raise your hand if you’ve ever had to reboot an electronic gadget due to a malfunction?  Phew! Thank God it’s not just me! Having to reboot or restart something can be either very frustrating or very exciting!

In my case, I have to reboot my life! And oh boy, it is both frustrating and exciting! I didn’t start this journey hoping that I’d fail, just so I could start again! But here I am many years after my first launch, starting again! So how did I get here and where will this new journey take me? Before I tell you how I got back to a starting line, let me tell you of my first encounter with restarting.

My first time on the “reboot” road was really not my decision. In fact, I was too young to understand anything to make that choice. The war in Liberia, where I was born, caused my family to move. We started over in Ghana because that’s where my father is from.

So at 9, I found myself in a new country with new people, cultures, a family I didn’t know well, and things different from what I knew. It was hard for a young girl of my age to understand and adjust to the change, but I quickly adapted! Once I found my footing, it was easy to navigate the waters.

Since then, there have been several mini restarts in my life. But the most courageous one I ever took was 4 years ago, when I moved from Ghana to America in the name of love and a better future! Have you ever uprooted yourself from all that you know and have been comfortable with, to go to a different and far away land to be with someone you barely know? Well, I did! And with my then 4-year-old daughter in tow!

At the time, I had so many questions and uncertainties, but I was too excited and full of dreams to worry about them. Besides, my “one” had promised me a bright and beautiful future, so what was there to worry about?

Barely four years down that road, a whirlwind of things happened. As we get to know each other more, you’ll find these things out. The journey of life that I had started with my “one”, unfortunately, came to an abrupt stop and I had to get off. So, here I am once again, on the restart road! I had to reboot, and the first thing to do when you find yourself divorced and with no family in a far away city is to move out of what you have known to be home.

So a few months ago, my daughter and I moved into our own apartment! We were excited! Well…I was excited and scared at the same time! After all, I am alone with my little girl in a far away country, in a city with no family or friends! Ok, I exaggerate! We do have family in other states and a few people I have come to know I can count on or call for help if need be. There’s a family in my former neighborhood, who have been there for my daughter and me since we came to this city! May God bless them always! And my bosses and colleagues at work? They are awesome! My work family has been more of a family to me than I expected. I am so grateful for them all!

It is hard starting alone in a strange place, especially with a child! You have to take a lot of things into consideration. First, you need to find a place (affordable, to be precise), then you have to furnish said place. Money, they say doesn’t buy happiness, but it sure buys a lot of things you need for your new home! Bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom…dang, those places need lots of stuff!

Next, you need to ask yourself, if you have a child, like me, is it in the school district where your child goes to school?  Fortunately for me, the place I found is within the school district where my daughter goes to school! She loves her school, friends, and teachers and it would have been devastating for her to start a new school! Even though where we live now is literally down the road from where we used to live, I am glad I got this place, it is good for my daughter!

We had to start from scratch, heck…we are still working on putting our little place together! Fortunately, I found a moving checklist online and started to buy things we needed. Then you need help moving things. Hmm…support…I’ll talk about this in another post. Though we had no help, whatsoever, my daughter and I were able to move and fix everything ourselves! Yup, you read me right! We fixed everything ourselves! You know what my daughter said after we did everything? “Mummy, we don’t need a man if we were able to do all this by ourselves”! Oh boy! I wasn’t expecting that from an 8-year-old, but like they say, children see and understand better than we think they do! I have a lot of explaining to do though, so she understands that men are a very necessary part of our lives! Ahem, especially for those cold and horny nights, and other very important aspects of life! Hahaha.

Anyway, after the first few days of chaos, we started to settle in. I had to figure out how to get started on utilities (water, electric, gas, internet). It was a scary process for me because I did not know where to start! Thankfully, the manager at my apartment complex, gave me phone numbers to utility companies connected to the complex, so I didn’t have to run around in circles! It’s during this time that you realize how important having good credit is! The only place I had to pay any security deposit was with the electric company. I wasn’t very excited about that, but we needed light, so I paid. In two weeks, I had everything sorted out and my little girl and I started to work on decorating.

We’ve been here a few months and I’m totally loving our new home! Though we’re still working on getting the place together and the process is slow, we’re having fun with it!

Rebooting is not an easy process, and in my case, it’s not only about finding a place and moving out. I have had to reboot in areas of spirituality, work, and I am currently working on my health and image. Love is also a big part of my reboot and I am looking forward to spending more time with my daughter, dating myself, being found by my TDH man who will sweep me off my feet and lead me to that stunning future I see shining brilliantly bright through my stunnaz! Till our next “blog-versation,” have a sunny, favor filled day!



16 Replies to “Reboot!”

  1. Great read! Beautifully woven. Can’t wait to read more and have blog-vasertions. Life throws us curve balls all the time and how we handle it informs who we are. You are doing fantastic in my book!!! Keep on living life and living it.

    1. Yasss, girl! It ain’t easy, but life must be lived! And with friends like you, there is so much to live for! Thank you for everything, you’re da bomb! 🙂

  2. This was a very therapeutic read! I love it for its realness and alignment with the title! Definitely a great start to greater things to come in everyone’s life! 👏

    1. Thanks, Benny! The blog was meant to be my therapy and also help anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to know they’re not alone! I am glad it was therapeutic for you too! Your feedback gives me the courage to write more! 😉

    1. Oh, my! Eugene, you read too? My favorite teacher, read my blog? I am milly rocking right now! Yes! Thanks for the feedback, Sir! You know Mr. Mends was expressive and dramatic as heck, one of the reasons I loved him so much! Some of it had to rub off on me right? 😉

    1. Aww…thanks hun. You know, you have to read it in my voice to feel the full effect, right? Hahaha. More coming your way. Love ya!

  3. Makes very worthy reading!! A simple case study eh?? America is not what we were taught about in the books. Experience it and then be qualified to tell. Reboot……I have changed my hard drive sef….hehehehe!😎😎😎

    1. Kenny, I tell you! America is…I’ll come back to it, once I find a befitting adjective! lol. It sure is an experience I wouldn’t want for anyone, but sharing it was and still is very therapeutic. I came, I experienced, I lived and I am telling! 🙂

  4. Wow, you are getting me thinking( you know what Im talking about?) Hmmm it is well and I wish you well. Bless you

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