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Finding Sedi

Hi there! Welcome to the new month and thanks for sticking it out with me! 🙂 Ok, let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Remember after we all helped Marlin and Dory to find Nemo and almost 10 years later, we had to help Marlin and Nemo to find Dory? I know right? we had to do the whole underwater journey again! Not to 42 Wallaby Way in Sydney, Australia, this time, but to California via Cleveland?

Okay, ok. I’m sure you’re wondering where I am going with this. Here’s the thing, I can’t find Sedi, and I think she’s lost! The last time I saw her, was August 10, 2013!

What? Hey, I’m shocked too! I can’t believe I only realized this, almost 5 years after the fact! You see, I didn’t realize she disappeared because a ‘Sedi another person wanted’, is what we’ve been seeing this whole time!  And I guess to be able to find her, like Dory, we need to keep swimming!

Anyone who knows me, I mean REALLY knows me, knows that there are two things that I’ve always wanted to be. A filmmaker and/or a lawyer! In fact, there is video evidence of this back in Ghana with a company called Charter House (if they still exist). It was an SRC week in NAFTI (film school), and as part of the celebrations, we took part in a game show called “It Takes Two”.

It was a ‘how well do you know your friend’ kind of game show. So, one of my close friends (Faustina) and I, teamed up against two of the guys in our class. I went out of the studio and Fausti stayed to answer questions about me, to show how well she knew me since we “claimed” to be friends. The question was, “what would Philippa be if she were not a filmmaker”? And my friend answered without any hesitance, “a lawyer”! She said it with such confidence! And she was right! She knew her friend! We were either in our first or second year of film school, at the time. And if I might add, we won that game show! ;). So it was a no-brainer, that I applied to law school when I came to the United States! 

To get into law school in the US, one needs to take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). So, with not much knowledge or understanding of how things worked here, I “studied” and took the LSAT. I failed at the first attempt! :(. I felt so sad and discouraged, but I took it the 2nd time. I still didn’t get a great score, but good enough to get me admission in a private law school. 

Before I got admission, I took a summer course in paralegal studies, at the same school. I wanted to at least practice as a paralegal before going to law school, you know, understand the legal system better…, but I was pushed to “go now, or you’ll lose the passion or get too comfortable about earning some money”. Though I wasn’t ready or sure about it, I went along because I wanted to please this person and also be submissive. So, I wrote the finals for the paralegal course on a Wednesday and started law school on Monday, the week after!

The first semester was one the most stressful 4 months of my life! Law school is very taxing, mentally and psychologically and to top it, I was going through a lot at home. The loss of additional income, a legal battle for custody and navigating a new marriage and a blended family, was too much to handle! I spent hours at school, developed terrible eating habits, felt guilty about not being there for Gingy, started to put on weight, lost what little intimacy I was trying to build with my ‘wasband’ and so many other things. So of course, my grades were below the required GPA and I was placed on academic probation!

I was devastated and wanted to withdraw, regroup and go back after a year at least, but once again, I was pushed to continue! So I did. I decided that to survive law school, I had to put on my blinders and focus on school and school only! And I did. Sure enough, my grades did get better, but my 1st semester grades were so bad, that my 2nd-semester grades couldn’t help much! So I had to say goodbye to my JD dreams! What happened next, can be read in my post titled, “Till Death”? Thankfully, that paralegal course plus my one year of law school, helped me get a job at Legal Aid!

I love the work I do at Lega Aid, I do! I work in the bankruptcy department, helping people get their financial life a fresh start through chapter 7 bankruptcy. It’s been a year and a half and, I can proudly say I have helped the two attorneys I work with, help over 100 clients get a fresh start! Lately, though, I have been feeling like something is missing. My wanting to get a law dgree, was not to experience court action, but to blend it with my film degree. I wanted to be an IP (intellectual property) lawyer! You know, protect literary and artistic works through copyright. Brilliant plan, right? 🙂 Unfortunately, that plan didn’t work out! My law school mates, graduated last month!

A few weeks ago whiles chatting with a friend, he asked me a question, “so what do you really wish to do now”? I have asked myself that question from then, till a few days ago. My answer to him then was, “I really want to get back to production. Producing, writing, directing”, my old love!

That conversation had me thinking and I realized the only way to get back to my old love, was to start doing something about it! So, I purchased Celtx, a scriptwriting software, to resume writing scripts I had abandoned. And to be honest, I haven’t felt this good in a while! Scriptwriting is laborious, but once your creative juices start flowing through your fingers to the keys to the screen and you see your characters come to life, it’s worth all the labor! And thankfully, I have friends in the film and television industry back home, who are willing to encourage and support me!

So, this is where I am at currently, with the “what do you really wish to do now”, question. Maybe, I’ll try to get that JD degree in the not too far future, maybe not. I don’t know yet. But like Dory, I’ll keep swimming, swimming, swimming against or along the tides of life…till I find the Sedi I am meant to be!

Sedimentally Yours,



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  1. Wow I am glad you found yourself again, nothing is more fulfilling like doing what you really want to do. I enjoyed reading your write up, it’s really classy and keeps one clued to the screen to read to the later.
    The future is bright! You can make it.

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