My Little Butterfly Green

She looked in my eyes
And gave me a gummy smile
Making my heart go flitter
Reminding me of when she was a fetus.
Giving me tiny kicks in my belly
That felt like butterfly flutters

I heard the pitter patter
Of her tiny feet on the kitchen floor
I felt her little arms around my legs
“Mummy, can I help mix the batter?”
She gave me the angelic look I adore
And I couldn’t resist but give her a peck

Yeah…I know I sound like She’s already here
But can you blame me?
I can’t wait to see her gummy smile
Nor can I wait to see her angelic face
I can’t wait to hear her say “mummy”
Nor wait to hold her in my arms
Gosh…..all the fun things we’ll do together
Me and my little butterfly green!

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