About Me

If there was one word to describe me, I’d use “flawsome”!  It means a person who is awesome, despite their many flaws!

Not many people would start an ‘About Me’ page with admitting they’re flawed! I wouldn’t either, but growing up, I realized that, once you admit what is “bad” about you, there’s nothing else to say, but what is good! Smart right?

Hello, my name is Sedi and I am from Liberia and Ghana! I currently live in the US after moving here 6 years ago.  I am a filmmaker who has dabbled in banking and is currently working in the legal field! Interesting, no?

Filmmaking, finance, and law were all supposed to intertwine and be my life, but life had other plans…plans you’ll read about as you journey with me on my blog.

My life has been full of ups and downs, good and bad, but through each of those experiences, I learned something! This blog site is about my journey and growth in life! My goal with sedimentally yours is to show my readers that, if I can still be standing tall and resilient despite all I have gone through, they too can! I hope you find my adventures and lessons fun, interesting and inspiring. Welcome to my blog!

PS: that’s me in sort of a “happier” time! And yes, I’m still rocking my chemical free hair. 🙂

Sedimentally Yours,